Word Power + Strategy


Word Mint

A novel word-forming game. 
Choose from 5x5 or 6x6 grid. 
Keep forming words to score points.
Free up space to form ever more words. 
Act fast or you will run out of time or space. 

On All Time Great Word Games List on iOS in the US. 


A puzzle with a twist.

Move colored dots to their homes. Moving a dot to a differently colored home makes you lose the game. The catch is all dots move together. Can you think ahead and plan your moves so that you don't get stuck?

Follow The Dots

An endless finger runner game.

Trace a path using your finger as dots appear on the screen. Avoid distractions and skipping a dot. Take detours to score bonus points. FTD combines Zen-like elegance and minimalism to provide you an oasis of peace and calm.   

Goon School

A 2-player party game. 

Challenge friends with word games, pictograms and more. Or play by yourself in single-player mode. All of Goon School's puzzle packs share a simple gameplay mechanic - remove a tile to solve the puzzle. And do it before the other player does.